Striving for Work-Life Balance

Work and Life – A Balancing Act

I feel pulled in different directions each day: called to serve my family and also called to fulfill my career demands.    I find that the following approaches have helped me find some peace and organization in my busy daily life.

Peppa Pig and pals – Striving for order in a disorderly world.

Writing Down My Goals

I physically write down my goals for the days and weeks ahead.  I keep a journal and jot down thoughts before they escape.  Each morning I try to focus on one or two achievable goals.  Our modern lives are bombarded with constant streams of social feeds and updates.  Having my goals written down keeps me focused and organized.

Keeping My Goals Short and Doable

If one of my goals remains on my list too long, it is often because the goal is too large, or I am not yet ready to achieve it.  I think harder about how to reword the goal to achieve tangible results. I strive to break down bigger vague goals into quick achievable steps.

My shorty, getting bigger every day.

Setting Practical Deadlines

Having deadlines has made me more accountable and productive.  After each of my goals, I set a reasonable “due date.”  If the due date passes, I analyze where I may have went wrong in my estimations.  Or, I think about what challenges may have come up to monopolize my time.    I then choose a new deadline, taking into account my track history.

Re-strategize When I Don’t Reach My Goals

Life can get complicated and messy.  Life does not always follow the course I want it to take. Sometimes traffic will make me late.  Illnesses come up when I least expect it.  Another emergency arises.  This does not mean, however, that I need to throw away my plans or live a chaotic and disorganized life.    Instead of looking at this negatively for too long, I consciously try to see the disorder of life as a challenge and a way to become better, stronger, and more resilient.

If life gives you livestock, why not go for a ride?

Practicing Gratitude Each Day

I strive to focus on 3 things in my life every evening that make me smile.  There is so much I am thankful for.   I have bad days interspersed with my good days, but regardless of what happened, I try to take 5 minutes in my evening to focus on what has brought me happiness and joy.

Smiles all around!