Improving Your Outlook

Looking on the Positive Side

I have been looking more consistently at the “optimistic” side of things lately.  And it has totally turned my day to day activities around, for the better!  Instead of dreading a long tedious day at work, I look at the positives, with each minute and each hour.  How can I help my next patient? What things can I learn from him or her? What makes this fellow human being interesting and valuable?  Also, I look inward every now and then and take stock in what accomplishments I have made.  Look at how far I have come!  Several years into practice, I now have the experience and confidence to make decisions that I would agonize over for several minutes.

What about all the Bad Stuff Out There?

I know, I know, you read or watch the news and you cannot help but see all of the negativity out there. You sometimes cannot help but yield to the pessimism that surrounds us.  But, it really matters how you perceive and look at things, since your attitude has a huge bearing on how you feel.  I also think that having this positive outlook will improve your gratitude and thankfulness for all of the good in your life.  And this will make you a better person!

Me and Luca. This little guy always manages to get me smiling and thankful!

I credit my more positive attitude to my binge-listening of “Optimal Living Daily,” a free podcast that reads short clips from various personal development blogs out there.  Totally digestible, as they are short chunks of high yield information.  I wish I had found this earlier!  This is a great way to break up your morning commute. I personally add them to my morning workout playlist, which makes my workout breeze by.  I also am addicted to Optimal Finance Daily, another offering from the Optimal Living Daily creators.  These short clips from financial blogs will help improve your financial health.  Please try them out!